For this project, it was recreated a new visual identity for the memorable French Nouvelle Vague movie The 400 Blows. From the renowned director Fran├žois Truffaut. The film is about a Parisian young boy, Antoine Doinel, and how several events and his parent's negligence ends up building his transgressive young character.

This visual identity is composed of several scenes on the movie that "build" Antoine's image, as the theme of the movie. Also, note the contrast between a block typography without serif and a more playful type for the subtitles. Although few visual variations, this identity is rich of information about the movie.

The website's design try to make good use of the beautiful pictures, by using a dark clean background, also used to create contrast with the logo. Colors were used to match the menu and the logo, together with each different tend on the footer of each page.

In collaboration with: Luis Pinto and Nikolas Pereira.